The Revised Humanitarian and Country Icons Catalogue

OCHA's humanitarian icons

OCHA’s humanitarian icons

UN OCHA recently updated their collection of free humanitarian icons. The new release contains slightly more icons (295, up from 250) and is visually more consistent.

In case you are not familiar with the product, this is a collection of icons for frequently used concepts in humanitarian assistance, such as “shelter” or “internally displaced”, but also for common objects such as “bucket”, “mobile phone” or “latrine”. Having these icons in one location can be a real time saver.

In addition, by using OCHA’s icons you can be fairly certain that your icons will be similar to those that everyone else uses, which can be really important if multiple agencies are trying to communicate similar information, particularly if the target audience is the affected population. In other words: it really helps, if everyone uses the same icons to show where the toilets and showers are.

The collection also includes files with the shapes of all countries. This is another thing that, a few years ago, I would never have expected to need as often as I do. However, I found that I need blank maps quite frequently and trying to find them can be rather time-consuming. So having them in one place is great.

  • You can read more about OCHA’s updated humanitarian and country icons on ReliefWeb.
  • You can download all icons and shapes here.

The icons are available AI, PDF, SVG and PNGs. You can also install a custom font with all icons so that you can use them more easily in documents. The country shapes are available as PNG, AI and as part of a Word file. All files have been released into the public domain.

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