“Dignity has been removed from the humanitarian system!”

Humanitarian Congress Berlin 2018It’s not often, that a keynote speech is the talk of a conference – but that is exactly what happened during last week’s Humanitarian Congress in Berlin.

Degan Ali, Executive Director of  Adeso shared her frustrations about how northern INGOs are treating their southern counterparts, how hurtful she finds assumptions about a lack of neutrality and how frustrated she is by the lack of local capacity building that she is still observing. Adeso is a Kenya-based organisation that is working in Kenya, Somalia and South Sudan.

While not everybody I spoke to agreed that the situation is as bleak as Degan Ali describes it, everybody did agree that it was a speech worth listening to. So please go ahead and take 25 minutes to do that. The video below should start just a few seconds before she is starting her speech, just as she is being introduced.

If the video starts at the beginning, forward to 34:30 mins. 

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