The State of Digital and Social Media in 2018

Social media on the couch. Photo: Rawpixel Ltd. / Depositphotos.comTwo studies have recently been released that look at the state of digital and social media in 2018.

We Are Social and Hootsuite released their annual “Digital in 2018” report that looks at internet, phone and social media use worldwide. If you want to know about trends globally, or need current, high-level data on individual countries, this report is great place to get started. There aren’t any big surprises, but it’s an excellent resource if you want to know how many people use social media in South-Sudan (just 190,000) or what the most popular messaging app is Bangladesh (Facebook Messenger). Below you find one of their slide decks:


In addition, Buffer published “The State of Social 2018 Report“, which surveyed 1,700 marketers (mainly from the US and UK) on how they are using social media. Among the things that you can learn from the report is that almost everyone (94%) is paying for Facebook ads and that those who pay for ads generally feel they get a better return on their investment. How do they measure ROI? 42% say through increased engagement. I’m curious to see next years numbers and whether Facebook’s importance will have stayed the same or gone down after the latest changes to their algorithm.

Have you recently come across any interesting studies or reports? Please share them in the comments below!