New Social Media Guide for Volunteers and Travellers

How To Communicate The WorldThe Norwegian Students‘ and Academics‘ International Assistance Fund (SAIH) is best known for their tongue in cheek videos like “Africa for Norway” and for calling out aid organisations that perpetuate stereotypes.

While SAIH focuses on organisations, the social media accounts of individuals who work or travel in developing countries can be just as bad when it comes to keeping stereotypes alive (Humanitarians of Tinder and Louise Linton, I’m looking at you). SAIH has now published a very short guide that aims to make people pause – and maybe even ask for consent – before posting the next selfie with a group of poor, brown children.

Ideally, I think this guide should not only be used by volunteering organisations, but by socially aware travel agencies as well. SAIH even offers others to co-brand the document with their own logo.

 You can download the 4-page guide here!

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  1. Jessie McLean December 7, 2017