A Sneak Peek Into Facebook’s New Crisis Response Center

Screenshot FB Crisis Response Center Image: FacebookFacebook just announced the launch of their new Crisis Response Center. The idea is to have one location per disaster, where all crisis related Facebook products come together. These are:

  • Safety check: which helps you find out quickly whether friends and family in a disaster affected area are safe.
  • Links to articles, photos and videos: I’d be interested to know whether these will be curated or not. After all, you really don’t want any rumours to appear there.
  • Community help: this is a feature through which people can ask for and request help. This can automate a lot of the coordination that is currently taking place in groups. Community help was launched in 2017 but does not seem to be available everywhere yet.
  • Fundraisers: Earlier this year, Facebook enabled a personal fundraising feature in addition to institutional fundraisers by NGOs and charities. It’d be interesting to know which will show up on the crisis response centre. My guess would be that fundraisers by friends and friends of friends are listed first, followed by others, which might be curated or selected by an algorithm.

The crisis response center is supposed to be rolled out over the next couple of weeks. I found that I cannot access it yet through my desktop account, but that I can access it through the mobile Facebook app. You should give it a try.

Below you find a 40-seconds video showing how I found the crisis response center (In my case it is hiding behind Safety Check) and what it looks like for Hurricane Irma.

What are your thoughts on Facebook’s new Crisis Response Center? Please leave a comment!