Links I Liked: Trends, Training and Bad Advice

It’s time for another short collection of links, graphics and articles that you should check out if you work in communications at an NGO, UN Agency, the Red Cross or another humanitarian organization.

The appetite for strong photos and videos from the field is growing unabated. Here are some thoughts by photographers from the Magnum Photo agency on ethical considerations when taking photos of refugees and migrants.

Many humanitarian organizations still struggle with managing their operational data in a way that meets data collection and (data) protection standards. This new training pack from Oxfam does not simply tell you what to do, but helps you develop a responsible data management plan that meets your organization’s needs.

Rakesh Bharania provides some excellent food for thought on the social dynamics involved in providing connectivity in emergencies. Too often, we install routers in the busiest places, where men hang out, without considering whether this excludes women or other groups of people.

A collection of interesting facts and figures about how NGOs are using technology for communication. Here is one of them:

2017 NGO Online Technology Report

Last but not least, something on a lighter note. Audiense (about whom I have written here) has asked social media experts about the worst piece of social media advice they have ever heard.

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