Looking ahead at 2017

Shoes. Photo: Death to the Stock PhotoIt’s now been five years since I started my own consultancy firm under the name “Social Media for Good”. I will continue to work as a communications, innovation and coordination expert for humanitarian organizations, but this year I intend to make some changes.

At the beginning, emphasizing my work on social media made a lot of sense, because there was massive need for people who could explain social media to humanitarian organizations. However, since then, the digital landscape has changed. Social Media is now part of the overall communications mix in any non-profit organization and while there is still a need for improving social media, I find that most needs have gone beyond social media and are more about adopting aid and the aid industry to an increasingly digital environment.

Examples of this are the use of cartographers to fight Ebola, the use of drones and other digital tools for monitoring and increasing transparency or the role of technology in the refugee crisis and for communicating with communities.

Most of these issues have a social media component, but go far beyond it. In 2017 I want to reflect this more on the website. I have a few ideas how to do this, but it’ll still be a while until you’ll be able to see it.

In the meantime, if you are looking for a consultant to help you with coordination, communication or innovation – please get in touch!

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