How Social Media Can Tackle Their Fake News Problem

Photo: Depositphoto / TimbrkIn my last post I wrote about why Facebook, Twitter and Co need to get control over the spread of both hate speech and fake news.

Since then, a lot of very smart people have shared a lot of great ideas how Facebook can implement a system that eliminates fake news while preserving freedom of expression and protecting satire. Not surprisingly, it’s not that easy. While eliminating outright hoaxes is comparatively easy, things get more difficult when it comes to stories or sources that are partially true or heavily biased. Should FoxNews be flagged as false? Should the New York Times? Your answer to these questions might depend heavily on your individual point of view.

If you want to get a quick overview of some of the best ideas, I recommend that you read this article in the Guardian.

If you want to dive really deeply into this topic, have a look at this very long GoogleDoc that was created to collect ideas.

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