Back from Greece

Photo: Sophia Glazuno (UNHCR)

Communication materials in action. Photo: Sophia Glazuno (UNHCR)

After four months of working in Greece, I’m back in Berlin!

I just finished a mission as team leader for the UNHCR Communicating with Communities Team in Greece, seconded by NORCAP/NRC. It was a very intense time but also very interesting. Trying to translate EU and Greek Asylum procedures into six languages and doing all of that in a way that is actually comprehensible was a big challenge and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to work on these issues.

Now that I’m back, things will go back to normal pretty soon. I have a few things in mind hat I want to share on this blog over the next couple of weeks and I’ll also try to invite some of my colleagues from the Greek response to write about how they are using technology and social media to support the response.

In the meantime: let me know if you come through Berlin and let’s go for a coffee or a beer!

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