Starting 2016 with a laugh: #HumanitarianStarWars and #DevelopmentDictionary

The ongoing refugee crisis, El Niño and rising tensions in the Persian Gulf – 2016 will likely be filled with plenty of serious issues and events. Therefore I’d like to start the year on a lighter note and share two links that made me laugh during the Christmas break:

Does humanitarian jargon confuse you? You need to suffer no more! The #DevelopmentDictionary explains the real meaning behind the most important terms – one tweet at a time. Tom Murphy from “A View from the Cave” compiled them in a helpful Storify. Here are two of my favourites:

This originally made the rounds in early 2015, but with “The Force Awakens” now in cinemas, it reappeared over the holidays. The Guardian has a compilation of some of the best posts, or you can just do a Twitter search for #Humanitarianstarwars. Here are some of my favourites:

h/t to Michael Kleinman and Tom Murphy.