Social Media: Heaven or Hell?

Humanitarian Congress Vienna 2015I have been invited to speak at the Vienna Humanitarian Congress on Friday. I’ll be a panellist at a session called “Social Media: Heaven or Hell“.

Here is the description:

The impact of social media on a global information flow and society’s opinion making processes has increased drastically within the last decade.

From tweets in Egypt to blogs in Syria and Facebook campaigns in Sudan, the world recognized the impact “civil journalists” create through sharing their reality within seconds. For the humanitarian world, social media made it possible to hear the voices of disaster affected people, even if the area of those people is not accessible. Innovative methods, like transferring messages from platforms like Twitter into people’s phones has positive impacts, but simultaneously also bears negative risks.

Does social media revolutionise humanitarian assistance? How to deal with negative effects, like data overflow and protection of the users? Heaven or Hell?


The congress itself starts at 09:00 Central European Time, my session starts 11:00. Here is the full program.

The sessions will  be live-streamed.

If you want to ask questions via Twitter, please use the hashtag #huco2015.

Hope to see you there – either in person or virtually!