Why you should download Twitter’s Government and Elections Handbook

Vote - Photo: Twitter.com

Photo: Twitter.com

During last week’s UN Social Media day Twitter’s Sean Evins mentioned that the company recently published a free “Government and Elections Handbook“. At 137 pages it is a rather mighty tome, but it’s also really useful for any NGO or non-profit organization that wants to get more out of Twitter:

  • For beginners, it covers the basics like how to set up your profile, who to follow, how to engage etc.
  • For more advanced users, it looks at what works, how to improve your communication via Twitter and how to successfully use Twitter during events and to mobilize people online.
  • For those who can spend a little more time on Twitter, it explains how to make the most out of Twitter analytics, lists and ads.

The thing I like most about the handbook is that a lot of the advice is data-driven. While many best practices for Twitter are based on numbers that third party companies have extracted from their own data and that of their customers, this document is based on Twitter’s own data. That means less guessing about what works and more confidence in what you should prioritize.

What I don’t like about the handbook is that it doesn’t contain any bad examples or cautious tales. I get that they wouldn’t want to name and shame anyone, but even without naming names it would have been useful to have a list of Don’ts in addition to the many Dos.

You can download the Twitter Government and Elections Handbook here: https://twitter.twimg.com/election-handbook


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