How to add value to online conversations

I’ve just come across an excellent free ebook/presentation that explains why we have to move away from yelling at people to pay attention to us and towards generating meaningful conversations around the issues that are important to non-profits, humanitarian organization or other mission driven organizations.

“Social Brands – The Future of Marketing” is written for commercial brands but, if anything, I think it’s even more relevant to NGOs and non-profits because we don’t have to look for a cause – we already have one. However, just like brands, we often fall into the trap of reducing online conversations to “Look what we do!”, “Pay attention to me!” and “Give me money!”, without thinking about what is relevant to our supporters.

Many of  you will already be aware of a lot of the things that Simon Kemp is recommending, but he manages to phrase it pithily and succinctly, which make the book a great resource for your own presentations when discussing these issues with senior management.

Do you know good presentations or ebooks? Please share them in the comments below.