UN wants to pay up to 4,000 USD for your ideas

OCHAThe UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is looking for ideas that can help improve humanitarian response and is willing to pay for them.

Through it’s “Humanitarian Research and Innovation Grant Programme“, OCHA is funding original research and writing projects, that relate to humanitarian needs and response. One of the conditions is that the project can be completed within six months and will result in a 20-40 pages paper which OCHA can publish.

I think that many of the topics that have been discussed on this blog could fall into that category, so if you are involved in crisis mapping, using social media for situational awareness or are developing an app that can help with social media in emergencies, then this might be a chance to get a small financial boost – OCHA will fund up to 4,000 USD of your expenses.

Unfortunately, it looks like OCHA will not pay you that money as a “salary”, if you are sitting at home, writing a paper in your study. From what I understand it has to be used for expenses and there are even some exceptions to the kind of expenses you can put in your budget.

Nevertheless, if you are doing some kind of humanitarian research anyhow, you should definitely check it out on the ALNAP website: http://www.alnap.org/vacancy/1380.aspx

Applications close on 15 April 2013.