Are Non-Profits using Facebook’s new global brand pages?

Visitors of a global brand page get automatically redirected to the localized version but can select any other version manually.

A month ago, Facebook announced global brand pages that allow companies to centralize their Facebook presence. Instead of having separate pages for each country, global pages can be customized to provide localized experiences for visitors.

Many non-profit organizations, NGOs and UN agencies also have individual Facebook fan pages for the countries that they operate in. Global pages promise to make the lives of communication staff easier (or at least more structured) by centralising all country pages under one roof.

InsideFacebook writes:

“Global pages have a unified ‘Like’ and ‘People Talking About This’ count, but the language, profile image, cover photo, posts and tabs can differ by region. Users who visit a global page are automatically directed to the version specific to their region, but they can access any regional or global page through a drop-down menu.”

This sounds ideal for many global non-profit organizations and considering that it has been a month since the launch of this new feature I’m wondering: does anyone know a non-profit that is already using this feature? I’d love to hear more about it.


  1. zehra November 27, 2012
  2. Isaac March 7, 2013