The “Social Media for Good” roundup: More human, more accessible and easier on the eye

So you need a typefaceThe “Social Media for Good” roundup. This week with: Humanizing your communication, reaching vulnerable communities through social media, some sad truths about your Facebook page and helping you create publications that are less ugly.

This blog post contains a lot of good advice about how you can turn your social media channels from a one-way communications instrument into platform your supporters get excited about.

Kim Stephens shares four reports that explain how to use social media to reach vulnerable populations. The reports focus on developed countries but many of the sentiments can be easily transferred to developing countries.

This post is already from January 2012 but I find that there are still a lot of people who don’t realize how the Facebook Newsfeed works. If you are scratching your head wondering why your Facebook page is not doing as well as it should, read this post.

I cannot count the number of times when I received newsletters (both in print and digital) where the typeface alone made me immediately hit “delete” or practice my waste bin throwing techniques. This flowchart can help you find the perfect font for almost any purpose – even though there sadly isn’t an option for “Annual Report” or “Non-Paper”.

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