Verify information, audit your channels and look at statistics – the “Social Media for Good” roundup

I was in Madrid for a Shelter Cluster Coordination workshop last week, so there was very little time to look for interesting posts on the web. Nevertheless, here are a few newer and older blog posts and articles I’d like to share with you:

Janet Fouts has published an excellent seven-page guide explaining how to do a short social media audit that will help you find out whether your social media activities add value to your communications goal or are a distraction.

More and more media and disaster response organizations use social media to get a better picture of what is happening on the ground. But how do you verify what is true? News aggregator Storyful is sharing their verification process in this blog post which includes many concrete examples. 

If you are managing a non-profit organization’s social media presence, it can be difficult to figure out whether you are doing better or worse than your peers. A study of the 200 most popular pages on Facebook has now shown that on average, brands only have an engagement of 0.5 per cent. Unfortunately, the study did not look at non-profit organizations, but I find that knowing what is common in the for-profit sector can be helpful as well.

Khalem El Ahmad has looked into Facebook and Twitter penetration in the Middle East and North Africa. In case you want to target people in this part of the world, the graphic might help you figure out whether Facebook or Twitter are commonly used at your destination or whether you have to find a different medium for your message.

If you have resources or posts that you would like to share, please leave a comment below.