How to schedule posts on Facebook and assign different roles to admins [video]

Facebook finally allows you to schedule your page posts and gives you more control over who can do what on your page. Both functions are still far from perfect, but they are at least a step into the right direction.

Scheduling a Facebook post

When writing a Facebook post, a little clock-symbol is visible at the bottom left of the window where you are writing the update. You can use this to select a date and time for your post to appear, up to six months into the future. Unfortunately, Facebook does not pre-select the current month or even year, so that you always have to do this manually.

It’s also not possible to edit posts after they have been scheduled. You can only delete the posts or change the publishing date/time.

I recorded a short video showing how to schedule a post on a Facebook page. I used my own Facebook page to demonstrate the functionality and would greatly appreciate it, if you would follow Social Media for Good on Facebook, too!

I really don’t understand why Facebook would roll out something that is so shoddily made, but I suppose they’ll improve on it in the next couple of months. Besides, having an awkward scheduling function is still better than having no scheduling function. Mashable has an article explaining more ways how the scheduling function can be improved.

Different sets of permissions for admins

The second big change is, that you can now assign different kind of permissions to administrators. As you see from the table below, you can now have team members who can only moderate comments but cannot post content. I also find the role of “Insights Analyst” very helpful, since I  have been in the situation where I had to analyse clients’  Facebook pages and was worried that I might accidentally post one of my personal updates to their page (it never happened, but I worry about these kind of things).

Table with administrative roles on Facebook pages

Table with administrative roles on Facebook pages. Source: Facebook.

What I’m still missing is a simple workflow in which a content creator would write a post and a manager would approve the post before it gets published. But maybe that is to come in the future as well.

All Admin roles are explained on a  new Facebook help page. Assigning roles is as easy as adding users to lists. Just go to your Facebook page and then select Manage -> Setting -> Admin roles.



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