Four posts worth reading: the “Social Media for Good” roundup

Like many consultants, I spend a lot of time reading articles and blog posts from around the web. Here are some posts I found particularly interesting. This time they are about branding your organization on Twitter, how WHO used Twitter in a health crises, lessons from managing virtual teams and an e-learning course that can improve your communication with beneficiaries.

Idealware has tackled one of the most difficult yet seemingly simple questions: “who should tweet for your organization?” The CEO, the web team, everybody who wants to? And should they have individual or organizational Twitter handles? Idealware explains the pros and cons of each approach.

Infoasaid has released an e-learning course that gives you some ideas and practical examples of how communicate better with beneficiaries. The course is divided into five modules. The first two introduce learners to the course and the key concepts it covers. The remaining three modules are interactive, scenario-based challenges and involve learners having to make key decisions to do with communication during an earthquake, a post conflict situation and a hurricane/flood.

David J. Olson  is writing about how WHO used social media to counter harmful information after the Fukushima disaster in Japan. These are interesting examples if you want to show how to use social media for behavioral change.

This post is already a bit older but still relevant: “Social Media 4 Emergency Management”  talks about how to manage a virtual team during an emergency, what procedures should be in place prior to the emergency and what issues you should keep an eye on.