5 posts worth reading: data journalism, crisis mapping, Twitter and a creative YouTube campaign

Posts worth reading - 21 May 2012Like many consultants, I spend a lot of time reading articles and blog posts from around the web. Here are some posts I found particularly interesting. This time they are about data journalism, crisis mapping, Twitter and a creative YouTube video.

A lot of communication around aid and development is about making sense of data and communicating data-based analysis to the media and donors. The free “Data Journalism Handbook” gives some excellent tips and ideas how to understand and deliver data to a wider audience.

Take a look at this article, if you are looking for a good overview about what crisis mapping is and why it has potential. It might come in handy if you need to convince a pointy haired boss that it’s something worth exploring.

One of the most common questions I get asked by organizations starting on Twitter is: “How do I know which hashtags to use”? This list of 45 hashtags that are commonly used in the non-profit sector are a good place to start. Socialbrite even includes a PDF so that you can print it and hang it next to your desk.

Anybody who runs multilingual social media channels knows that translating tweets and staying within the character limit is a real challenge. Here is a graph that shows by how much the character counts normally change when translating tweets from English into 12 other languages.

Last but not least, something to make you laugh:  a small, Dutch NGO has created an awesome video in which they spoof Shell’s environmental record. There is an app for that …