Posts worth reading – 1 April 2012

Like many other consultants, I spend a lot of time reading articles and blog posts from around the web. Here are some posts I found particularly interesting:

Amy Sample Ward has an interesting post showing how mobile technology can be used to monitor service delivery – in this case water: “Combining Android cell phone technology and Google Earth software, FLOW lets field workers, volunteers, our partners and others record data from tens of thousands of water points around the world. That information is then displayed on our online global map to signal whether a project is up and running, broken, or on the verge of disrepair and needs quick action.” I love these kind of things because they show that it’s the comparatively simple solutions that can make the biggest difference in peoples’ lives.

Everybody loves real-world case studies and I’m no exception. In this post Shonali Burke explains how she helped Oxfam with blogger outreach. The secret – as always – is you have to do your homework.

Being an ex-Red Crosser I had planned to write a dedicated blog post about the AmCross Social Media Disaster Response Center myself, but Kim Stephens already has all the answers, so please read his blog post. I have been to the Disaster Operations Center (DOC) in Washington D.C. a few years ago and have to say it is the most impressive setup I have ever seen and I’m really glad to see that they are now incorporating social media.

And – last but not least – because today is April Fools Day:

My favourite is probably the Google Chrome Multitask Mode …

Have you come across any articles of blog posts that you think are interesting for readers of “Social Media for Good”? Please share them in the comments section.