YouTube’s new guide for non-profit organizations

Video is an amazing vehicle to connect with your supporters emotionally, to give your beneficiaries a voice and to show the impact of your programmes. YouTube and Facebook are without doubt the most relevant channels, if you want to reach as many people as possible with video (sorry, Vimeo) but using YouTube to its maximum potential can be challenging.

Most people know how to upload and share a video, but many people and organizations struggle with any steps beyond the basics. YouTube has now published an excellent free “playbook” for non-profit organizations and NGOs that can help you use YouTube more effectively.

This guide should be required reading for any organization that either already uses YouTube or is planning to use it. It is particularly useful for decentralised organisations where many offices/chapters/branches have their own YouTube channels.

The guide covers all the basics, like titles and descriptions, but also explains more advanced topics like branding and channel overlays. In addition, YouTube shares good practice around digital story telling and how to make your audience part of your story.

The only thing I didn’t like about the playbook is that it fails to mention that accepting donations through Google Checkout is only possible for organizations in a very limited number of country.

Download the “Playbook Guide: YouTube for Good(pdf).

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  1. Rhazi Kone February 23, 2012