What do you want from me, Sarah Silverman?

About a week ago, US comedian Sarah Silverman posted a video called “Sell the Vatican, Feed the world.”  It has since been viewed almost 500,000 times and has been tweeted, commented and blogged about.

I really like this video. I love satire and I think this video does a great job of raising awareness for world hunger.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it before reading on. In case you don’t know Sarah Silverman, I should warn you: She is not exactly politically correct…

This is my favourite part:

“I know what you are thinking. If you don’t like it Silverman, TiVo past it. I did – you still see them. Especially ’cause I have a 48 inch plasma high-def tv. (…) [It’s] like they are in my apartment, you know.”

The message is: you can switch the channel, but the problem remains.

Where’s the Ask?

But here is my problem with the video: While I like that she is  provoking  everyone by suggesting to sell the Vatican, she doesn’t tell me what I, Joe Blow, can do to help. Because I can’t sell the Vatican (and I doubt the pope watches YouTube).

So, tell me Sarah: Having spoken out against world hunger – what is it you want me to do? Why don’t you tell me? This is frustrating!

I think the end of the video would have been a great place to add something like “Until we get all that money from selling the Vatican, help by donating to <fill in the name of a non-profit of your choice>.” Lame? I don’t think so. I believe that a message like that would have been a great opportunity to raise money to feed people. Too bad, it didn’t happen.


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