Social media staff guidelines are being finalized

Update (4 November 2009): the Social media guidelines have been approved.

Two month ago I wrote that I had started to create social media staff guidelines for my organization. Here is a short update:

Since my last post, I spoke to all relevant stakeholders in the organization. In my case these were the Communications Department, Human Resources, the Staff Association, the Security Unit, IT, the Legal Unit. I also met with both the Undersecretary General and the Director who oversee these stakeholders.

Easier to embrace then to outlaw

What really surprised me is how positive my draft was received by everyone. Everybody was extremely supportive and tried to make it work – because everybody sees the need for it. There was no rivalry and no one categorically said “no” to the idea of encouraging people to use social media to talk about their work. I have to admit – I was far more pessimistic when I started this project.

But everybody recognized that social media are here to stay and that providing guidance is the best way to use social media for the benefit of the organization and to mitigate associated risks.

Right now, the guidelines are being given “nice” layout and hopefully I’ll be able to get them signed off in the next week! I’ll share them here as soon as I can. Make sure to take a look – they are pretty gutsy :-).