Why the Red Cross Red Crescent should rock the social media sphere

I recently had the honour to be in charge of a whole-day social media workshop in Solferino, where the idea for the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement was born. This was part of our 150 year celebrations. It was really interesting because the 50 or so participants where from extremly different countries and backgrounds, as behooves an organization with 186 member countries.

It was absolutely fascinating to see that how social media is just as interesting to someone from Belgium as from Liberia, from Austria or from Myanmar (!).

Below is the presentation I gave to kick off the workshop. It’s a bit of a mishmash since I had people in the workshop who were extremely knowledgable and experienced and others for whom this was completely new.

I honestly believe that the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement with it’s reach and it’s number of volunteers could totally dominate the nonprofit space online. If only we would open up and give up control a little bit.

I’d be interested to hear what you think of the presentation.