TED – a lesson in how to use video online

Today I’d like to share one of my favourite sites with you: TED – Ideas worth spreading.

For those of you, who have never heard of them: TED is a non-profit organization that invites interesting people to talk about interesting things. Or as the put it, they are “devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading”.

I absolutely love some of the talks on their site (one of my favourites is embedded below). And the great things is:  it’s all free and licensed under creative commons license.

But even aside from all that goodness, what really caught my eye the first time I explored the site is how good TED is at using video and how well they understand video presentation online.

Screenshot of a TED video

Screenshot of a TED video

What makes TED videos stand out:

  1. They offer subtitles in multiple languages. Subtitles are created by over 200 volunteers as part of the TED Open Translation Project which has created subtitles in over 40 languages.
  2. They divide each video into chapters
  3. The make an interactive transcript available with the talk. If you click into a sentence in the transcript the video will jump to that exact spot.

(Note: Unfortunately only the subtitles are available in the embeddable version of the videos)

Do you know of a site that is as good or better? Then please leave a comment and tell me about it.