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Links I Liked: Lower Facebook Reach, Ebola, Narcissism, Google Grants

Interesting and useful links for you.

How to add value to online conversations

Social Brands - The Future of Marketing is a free ebook

Awesome or inappropriate? “Happy” in the Philippines

This video from Tacloban makes me smile and uncomfortable at the

Useful links: The law on Twitter, creating excitement, time management and more

It's been a while since I've shared a collection of useful

Presentation: Key metrics and tools to measure social media success

This presentation from last week’s “Social Media and Resilience Workshop” explains

Presentation: Social Media for Disaster Preparedness and Response

How can you use social media operationally to help with disaster

Presentation: Risk management through social media

Two presentations that look at how social media can be used

Social Media and Resilience Workshop

I'm currently in Bangkok where I'm helping to facilitate a workshop

Why Google+ Communities is the beginning of the end for Google Groups

Last week, Google announced Google+ Communities. In my opinion, this is