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Links I Liked

Four links you might find interesting and/or useful.

Are You Human? How Bots Distort Political Debates

How bots are becoming smarter and more influential in politics.

Mobile, internet and social media use in 232 countries

Digital media stats from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Use Twitter if you plan a revolution, Facebook to improve farming

World Bank paper on the impact of social media in development.

Which Social Media Monitoring Tool is Right for You?

A comparative analysis for humanitarian social media managers.

Social Media Monitoring in Humanitarian Crises: Lessons Learned from the Nepal Earthquake

Key findings as well as the complete lessons learned document.

How Germanwings Failed at Crisis Communications

What we can learn from Germanwings' failed social media crisis communications.

Links I Liked: Lessons learned from Kony, Ebola and more

Useful and interesting links from all around the web.

The Best from the UN Social Media Day

My favourite sessions from the UN Social Media Day.