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The transformative and disruptive power of social media in disaster response

How is social media changing disaster response? The presentation explores how

How ICT is Helping Nepalis Around the World Respond to the Earthquake

A personal account of the role of technology in the Nepal

Link List: Social Media, ICT and the Nepal Earthquake

The earthquake in Nepal is showing how ICT and social media

Towards Standardized Hashtags in Disasters

OCHA provides guidance to improve consistency in disasters.

What’s the Role of Social Media in Urban Disasters?

I'm looking for case studies, articles etc.

In German: Soziale Medien im Katastrophenschutz

A presentation and an article on social media in emergencies in

How Technology Is Already Helping Fight Ebola

6 examples showing how ICT is already helping in West Africa.

You can’t fight Ebola with drones!

Technology can make a difference in emergencies - but only if

Recommended Presentations from “State of the Map”

Recommended OpenStreetMap presentations for disaster responders.