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World Bank: Digital Revolution Requires Strong Analogue Foundation

Education remains most important aspect.

Does Shouting Louder Make Governments Listen More?

Call for proposals to increase transparency and accountability.

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I just came across this TED-Talk by Sanjay Pradhan from the

Completely wrong assumptions about technology in developing countries

I just came across a really excellent post by Ushahidi's Patrick

“So … how is Haiti these days?”

"So ... how is Haiti these days?" - this is

A website for Haiti Red Cross

I've recently come back from Haiti where I trained the Haiti

Building a non-profit website with WordPress from scratch

What would you do if you could build a non-profit website

Cloud computing: is Google widening the digital divide?

Recent announcements by Google make me think, that the company might

Seven distance learning programmes for aid workers

I find it surprising that there are not more good distance