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Links I Liked: Content Creation and Social Media Marketing

In focus: content creation and marketing.

Understanding photo rights: What you can do with photos you are not allowed to modify

An attempt to understand the "no derivative" creative commons licenses.

Infographic: Your complete guide to creative commons licenses

Confused about creative commons licenses? This infographic explains it all.

Getty Images lets you use 35 million photos for free

Getty Images lets you embed 35 million of their images.

AFP fined 1.2 million US-Dollars for using photos from Twitter

AFP and Getty have to pay 1.2 million USD for using

Why Flickr is (not only) an Instagram alternative

The recent uproar over Instagram's planned changes to the Terms of

Photographer sues AFP for 120 million over Twitter-photos

A photographer is suing AFP and Getty Images for 120 million

Sharing photos online – a decision matrix for non-profit organizations

Many non-profits, NGOs and International Organizations are of two minds when

Flickr for non-profits – 8 lessons learned

I have been using Flickr for about two years to increase