Links I Liked: Apple, Crisis Comms and Smartphones Everywhere

Articles and blog posts that have caught my attention.

5 Things Non-Profits Can Learn from the Ice Bucket Challenge

You can't replicate the Ice Bucket Challenge - but you can

Webinar: Social Media in Emergencies

Recording of my free webinar on how to use social media

Case study: How maps help fight Ebola in Guinea

How better maps can support humanitarian response.

Interview with Aidpreneur

Check out my interview with Aidpreneur

Homelessfonts: Typefaces with a Human Face

Turning the handwriting of homeless people into computer fonts.

Social Media and Crisis Mapping after Typhoon Haiyan

Recording of a lecture I gave at Malmö University.

Updated – Social Media Sizing Chart (2014 edition)

Two years ago I shared a social media sizing chart that included the image

Understanding photo rights: What you can do with photos you are not allowed to modify

An attempt to understand the "no derivative" creative commons licenses.