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Looking ahead at 2017

Where I want things to go in 2017.

How Social Media Can Tackle Their Fake News Problem

The best ideas from leading experts.

How and Why We Need to Fix Social Media or Risk Self-Destruction

What we can learn from the US elections.

WIRED: How Facebook is Transforming Disaster Response

How Facebook wants to become more relevant in emergencies.

Links I Liked: Orphaned Apps, Digital Sweatshops and Everyday Africa

Three articles that you will find interesting.

Are You Human? How Bots Distort Political Debates

How bots are becoming smarter and more influential in politics.

Back from Greece

After four months in Greece, I'm back in Germany. Expect more

World Bank: Digital Revolution Requires Strong Analogue Foundation

Education remains most important aspect.

What you liked in 2015

The most read articles of 2015.