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Case study: How maps help fight Ebola in Guinea

How better maps can support humanitarian response.

Social Media and Crisis Mapping after Typhoon Haiyan

Recording of a lecture I gave at Malmö University.

5 Best Practices for Using Technology in Disaster Response

Lessons I have learned about using technology in disasters.

Leaving the Philippines

For the last three months I was in the Philippines, where

Going to the Philippines

Plans change. Instead of staying in Washington DC for the next

Typhoon Haiyan: Social media improves situational awareness

The volunteer and tech community is working to map the damage

This is how your emails get to HQ from the field

Have you ever wondered what route your emails take, when you

Mission to Myanmar

I realize that I haven’t updated this blog for a while,

Case study – 2010 Haiti earthquake response

Over the last four weeks I gave three lectures during Fordham