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Links I Liked

Four links you might find interesting and/or useful.

Report: Fighting Ebola with Information

A look at the impact of digital technology in the Ebola

Looking ahead at 2017

Where I want things to go in 2017.

Can you get your staff to say nice things about you?

Thoughts on employee advocacy for non-profit organizations.

Tools That Help You Work in Conflict Zones

When the going gets tough, the tough read this toolkit.

How Drones Can Help in Humanitarian Crises

An in-depth look at the role of drones in humanitarian response

MapSwipe: Create Crisis Maps While Waiting for the Bus

Gamification for crisis mapping that works.

How Social Media Can Tackle Their Fake News Problem

The best ideas from leading experts.

How and Why We Need to Fix Social Media or Risk Self-Destruction

What we can learn from the US elections.