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Summer in Berlin

Summer in Berlin

After working on the Yemen response for five months and taking a short vacation, I’m now back in Berlin! Here are some of the articles that caught my eye over the last few months:

Useful and down-to-earth advice from Melissa Agnes, who specialises in crisis communication. My favourite: “Define the difference between an issue and a crisis”.

Speaking of crises: the University at Buffalo recently published a study that looked at whether people spread false news in an emergency and – if they had spread it – whether they later corrected it. According to the press release, the study comes to concerning conclusions (the study is behind a paywall and I didn’t want to pay 41 Euros to read it, which is why I am only commenting on the press releases). However, at first glance, I find the conclusions a little unsatisfying: The study says that most people who interacted with the content helped to spread it – I don’t find that surprising. What I would like to know is how many people were reached by the content but recognized it as dubious and chose not to share it. I’d also like to know whether the people who spread misinformation had a significant reach themselves. In other words: did it matter that they spread misinformation? Are people with more followers better at spotting misinformation that others? Similarly: are bigger accounts better at correcting information than smaller accounts?

While social media is important, don’t forget to show your website and your Google rankings some love, too. Understanding how search engines rank results is a science in itself and this article tries to shed some light. While the article itself is pretty dense, the infographic gets more interesting the further you scroll down.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in force since May and all your digital channels should already be GDPR compliant. But are they really? Most documents I read on the GDPR focused heavily on businesses and were not always very relevant for non-profit organisations. TacticalTech released this checklist, specifically for civil society organisations.

Hev you recently come across interesting articles or resources? Please share them in the comments!