CoSchedule vs Blog2Social

CoSchedule vs Blog2Social. Photo: James Box (CC BY-NC 2.0)I have been using CoSchedule for many years because I love how easy the plugin makes it, to push my WordPress blog posts to my social media platforms when and how I want. However, I recently received an email saying that my legacy 100 USD/year plan would be terminated and that I would instead be expected to pay 360 USD/year. Needless to say, this made me less than happy and I’ve started to look for alternatives.

Essentially, I want a WordPress plugin that helps me schedule and customise social media posts for my blog posts. For example, I normally don’t include hashtags on Facebook, but I do on Twitter. On the other hand, my Facebook and LinkedIn posts tend to be longer than 140 characters. The plugin should help me do both. I also tend to promote each blog post three times over the period of a month at different times of day. This is partly because social media updates have such a short lifespan and partly because my website visitors are in time zones all over the world. I also want to prepare all this before the blog post is published.

Beyond these requirements, it comes down to price and ease of use. The closest, reasonably priced alternative to CoSchedule I found is Blog2Social, but the lower price also comes with some drawbacks. Obviously, a lot of their functionality is very similar which is why I focus on the main differences. If you want to have a full overview of the features, please go to the respective websites.

Obviously, a lot of the functionality is very similar which is why I focus differences. If you want to have a full overview of the features, please go to the respective websites.


Blog2Social is a good choice if you are working by yourself and if you don’t update your website very often. The user experience is not as smooth as with CoSchedule, but it also only costs a fraction.


Price! Blog2Social offers a very basic free plan that covers one social media account per social media network. For many this will be enough. The cheapest paid plan, with more accounts, bells and whistles, costs 69 USD/year.

You can create posting profiles, which can be a real time saver. Say, you frequently have both image posts and text posts then you probably want to push these to different networks. With the posting profiles, you can pre-configure where what is posted when.


URL is always at the end of the message, i.e. not before hashtags

No tie-in with Buffer or Bitly

Strange behaviour when trying to schedule something for the same day as a scheduled post. For example: After scheduling a post for 09:49, I could not schedule a Twitter update for 10:00. The earliest, Blog2Social would allow me to set was 12:00.

Multiple steps necessary, if you want to promote a blog post multiple times with different content.

It is not possible to edit the headlines that are displayed on Facebook and LinkedIn. Please note: this is different from the post text itself. See the images below for clarification.

With Blog2Social you can customize the post, but not the headline that appears with the post on facebook and LinkedIn. In this case it means that part of the headline will be cut off.

With Blog2Social you can customise your update, but not the headline that appears with it on Facebook and LinkedIn. In this case it means that part of the headline will be cut off after “Research”.


CoSchedule, on the other hand allows, you to overwrite and edit the headline, if you are not happy with it.



At this point, CoSchedule is mainly interesting for blogs that have multiple authors or who are producing enough content to really benefit from an editorial calendar. CoSchedule has a very nice calendar module that helps you keep an overview of when what will be published and by whom. The downside is the price.


User interface

Built-in editorial calendar.

Integrates with Buffer, Bitly and many other services.

Relative timing to publishing dates (1 hour, day, 1 week after publishing)

Easy to schedule different social media updates for different dates/time through a single screen.

Includes features to work collaboratively on content and helps plan content for a site.


Price: CoSchedule starts at 180 USD/year for one user on the “Standard Plan” (max 5. profiles), but they are trying very hard to sell you the more expensive “Solo Marketing Plan” (360 USD/year). The “Team Marketing Plan” for small teams is 720 USD/year, which I find too expensive, particularly for a non-profit. CoSchedule does not offer a non-profit discount. A 14-day free trial is available for all plans.

Given that CoSchedule is selling itself as a team-solution, the lack of an approval workflow is disappointing. However, this is apparently in the pipeline.

Are you using a different tool? Please leave a comment below!

  • Interesting. I have been using Hootsuite and it works great for me 🙂 Haven’t tried any of these but they surely look promising. Thanks for the comparison Timo!

    • You should definitely check them out. The big difference compared to Buffer or Hootsuite is that these can be directly integrated into a WordPress site, that can you write the updates at a time where the post is not published yet and that you can do loads of updates through one screen. The free trial/free plan are a good way to get an idea whether it’s useful for you or not.

      • Sounds even cooler! Will check them out. Thanks Timoluege!

  • Tobias Fischer

    Hello Timo,

    Thank you for your great article and your detailed feedback.

    We are already working on the features you mentioned in your review and will provide them in our next updates, like the possibility to customize headlines and the position of the link, as well as the option to re-post your shared postings with different content on a recurring scheduling scheme in a single step.

    Thank you for bringing the scheduling function to our attention, as well. Our programmers are already working on a hot fix and will implement it as soon as possible. So, you can schedule your postings as usual:

    Either auto posted or published immediately, on a one time or a recurring scheduling scheme up to 52 weeks in advance. This way, you can schedule your blog posts for, let’s say, 10:19 a.m. and plan your social media posts for e.g. 10:30 a.m.

    Besides, there are two aspects I would like to add to your review.

    One of our unique features is the wide choice of networks you can connect to your WordPress with Blog2Social. You can connect:

    Facebook Sites,
    Facebook Pages,
    Facebook Groups,
    Google+ Sites,
    Google+ Pages,
    Google+ Groups,
    LinkedIn Pages,
    LinkedIn Profiles,
    Xing Profiles,
    Xing Pages,
    Xing Groups,

    Furthermore, we provide a best time scheduler with a ready to use time scheme for the best times to post on each network. You can select a link shortener and custom posting formats such as link post or image posts. You can edit and customize all postings, including advanced customization in html-markup for your Medium or Tumblr postings.

    Please let us know, if you have any further requests for Blog2Social.

    Regards and again thank you for your detailed feedback!

    Tobias from Blog2Social

    • Thanks for you comments Tobias. When I tested Blog2Social I must have overlooked the option to connect Bitly, so it’s good to know that it is there. Regarding the Best-Time-To-Post feature: I deliberately did not include that since Coschedule offers the same feature out of the box and through their Buffer integration, so it’s not really something that helps me distinguish between the two products. I also have to say that I’m not a big fan of either native solution since both your’s and their’s seem to heavily take the timezone of the blog into account which is only really useful when you write for a national audience. Personally I prefer Buffer’s system that seems to take your past interactions into account more. Once again: thanks for commenting and I’m looking forward to seeing how Blog2Social evolves!