Links I Liked: The White House, Statistics and Successful Community Management

Pen next to MacIt’s time again for a short list of articles that I hope you will find interesting, if you work in humanitarian or nonprofit communications:

  • How the White House is using social media

Over the last couple of months I have come across two stories that look at how the White House is using social media: “A Digital Team Is Helping Obama Find His Voice Online” looks at the day to day business and talks about things like signoff-processes, while in “Meeting People Where They Are” the White House’s Chief Digital Officer talks about how his team prepared for the State of the Union.

If you really like to get to the bottom of your Facebook statistics, then this post is for you. Dennis Yu looks at why reach doesn’t always equal better engagement and in the process explains many of Facebook’s metrics.

Wayan Vota from ICTworks argues that the much of the opposition to Facebook’s Free Basics initiative is driven by the belief that everything Facebook does is evil, rather than by rational arguments.

SocialFish summarizes the key findings of the Community Careers and Compensation Report 2015. If your organization still thinks of you as “the guy/girl who tweets links to press releases”, then this report could be a good start to change that perception.

Read this if you are sick of people suggesting that the nonprofit sector would be better off if it was run by people with “real” business experience.  While the post doesn’t offer any new arguments, it’s well written and I felt that reading it was quite cathartic.

Did you recently read something interesting? Please share the link in the comments!