Links I Liked: Lessons learned from Kony, Ebola and more

I spend a lot of time reading blog posts and articles. Here are four that you might find interesting:

Whydev is asking a few very good questions in this blog post. While the post looks at the Ebola response, the same issues exist in disaster response and preparedness: as a sector we are really bad at communicating with people affected by, or at risk of, disasters. The Ebola response shows that well produced communications materials – such as the video “Poem for a Living” – meet a need. The blog posts looks at how the video was received, adapted and translated to meet the needs of the different communities.

  • The Legacy of Invisible Children’s Social Media Success 

Invisible Children might be dead, but the viral success of #Kony2012 has become part of social media history. Have we learned from that experience and what are the lessons we should learn? These questions are discussed in two blog posts by Paul Currion and Tobias Denkus.

The title says it all: read it and get better at Twitter!

We have all heard that, on average, you only reach 16% of your Facebook fans. While that is helpful in managing management’s expectations, it doesn’t really help you understand how your page is doing relative to competitors. This slightly older post by social media analytics software Agora Pulse hopes to shed some light on the matter by showing the spread that averages to 16%. According to their data, pages reach between 2% and 45% of their fans. While this analysis dates from before Facebooks’s latest adjustments to the Edgerank algorithm (which reduced organic reach even further) I still found it helpful to see how size can dramatically impact your reach.

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