Social Media for Good Roundup: Tools, ROI and more

Photo: Rosipaw on Flickr

Digital and analog storytelling. Photo: Rosipaw on Flickr

Here are a few links which I have come across and that I’ve found particularly interesting. I hope you find them useful, too.

As Public Information Officers and digital storytellers we have to behave more like journalists, than like marketing people. This article contains a lot of useful tools that require different amounts of effort to master.

  • Digital storytelling tools

Debra Askanase published this great presentation on digital storytelling with loads of useful tips and tools: (Tip of the hat to Storyfish.)

I don’t know anyone in the non-profit sector who hasn’t lost sleep over this question: “How do I demonstrate the value of our social media engagement, so that I can justify spending time and money on it?” In short, what is the return of investment (ROI)? If you are in this situation, then this article from Business Insider might make you feel better. Apparently a lot of for-profit companies have stopped measuring the ROI of social media because they realized that it is more about brand awareness and building a relationship with your audience, than about selling stuff. If they can come to that realization, so can your NGO …

Cheryl is speaking from my heart with this blog post. You wouldn’t let an intern write your press releases, but somehow it is still acceptable to have interns manage your social media presence. That’s a mistake and Cheryl gives a few great examples why it is ridiculous to do that.

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