7 Mobile Apps for Humanitarians

When discussing information management, communication or coordination, I have heard quite a few of my colleagues say: “maybe we should develop an app for that.” Devex just published this collection of seven mobile phone apps for iPhone and/or Android that were produced with humanitarian workers in mind.

I had previously only heard of iGdacs, which I still have on my own phone even though I have to admit that I don’t think it’s that useful (why aren’t there push notification?).

Some of the other apps in the presentation look interesting and I’ll check them out.

Do you know of any other mobile phone apps that are helpful for humanitarians?

  • John McCubbin

    As I wander the Internet I gather interesting links to mobile apps, many of which are relevant to humanitarian workers. You can find them at https://delicious.com/johnmccubbin/CM%20-%20Mobil

    • Thanks, John. This is a great collection! Though I have to admit that I a urine analyser for the smartphone at first seemed a little dubious :-), Jokes aside: thanks for sharing, it's a great list.

  • In my humble opinion Enketo belongs in both lists too ;). See slides at http://blog.enketo.org/nomad-presention-2013/. TL;DR an offline web app for data collection in emergencies.