Presentation: Key metrics and tools to measure social media success

Non-profit organizations never have enough money and getting resources is a constant struggle. That is why it is so important to be able to justify why you are spending money or man-power on social media, be it to achieve behavioural change or for fundraising.

This presentation from last week’s “Social Media and Resilience Workshop” explains some of the basics behind key social media metrics and shows a few tools that can help you get meaningful information from the data.

Update: For step-by-step instructions how to activate the out-of the box analytics on Twitter that I have mentioned in the presentation, check out this blog post. You do not need a credit card!

You can find all presentations from the workshop plus a lot of additional information on the Social Media and Resilience Storify.

  • Nice presentation, Timo. Really useful for SME's who are never looked after well as the big analytics players pander to where the big bucks are with Enterprise solutions. I can also recommend trying Inkybee for measuring the impact of stories on blogs or other websites – via audience, engagement and traffic via a Google Analytics plugin. Free 30-day trial and US$19/month thereafter.

    • Hi Hugh. I thought long and hard about whether I should approve your comment or not :-). However, I'm hoping that posting on this blog means that you are also willing to give non-profit organizations a discount on the listed prices. Right? Right????

      • Ha, you've got me there! And do you know what, why not? Inkybee is already highly competitively priced, but as a sign of goodwill and because non-profits need a leg-up even more than anyone, let's knock a big 50% off it for non-profits. Less than $10/month is a steal. There, that was easy, and you've got a scoop!!

  • Great! I will check it out. Thanks Timo and Hugh.

  • Melania

    good presenetation, thanks! it’ s a shame twitter ads is avaiable only in the US

    • Thanks. I agree and I really don’t see why, particularly since Twitter Ads are already available in other countries if you are going to spend > 5,000 USD. It doesn’t really make sense to me. My gut feeling is that it is a capacity problem but I find that hard to imagine.