5 Experts Share Top Social Media Advice for Nonprofits

Impatient OptimistI’m honoured and pleased to have been quoted on the “Impatient Optimist” blog of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Author Jennifer James contacted me about two weeks ago and asked what my one piece of social media advice to non-profit organizations would be.

Here is what I said:

“Don’t hand it over to the interns! Social media is an important part of your overall communications strategy and it should be managed by people who know your organization, its culture, the culture of your supporters and your communications goals. To be an effective communicator via social media, you need to be able to talk with confidence and understand what you are trying to achieve. You cannot expect that of interns. Your social media accounts should be managed by someone who is a communications professional, who knows how to respond to criticism and how to network. Simply being younger than the rest of the communications team is not enough to be qualified to communicate on your organization’s behalf.”

You can read the rest of the article and the advice given by my four colleagues on the Impatient Optimist blog: “5 Experts Share Top Social Media Advice for Nonprofits”.

If you had one piece of social media advice for nonprofit organizations what would it be?

  • You’r damn right, Timo.

    Also, the style of communicating in social media should be mixed. Some can be gossiping and trendyness. Some serious and critical. This requires a mixture of people working on it. Old and young, of experienced ones or those new to the field.

  • Hi Timo,
    Just a note to say I thought your comment was the best. I have tried interns and volunteers, and finally realized I needed to be the voice for our effort in social media (mostly Facebook). Our mission is to educate an industry led by very staid people who strongly adhere to antiquated ways. The model we propose is perceived as very threatening to the industry standard and requires skill, knowledge and patience to adequately explain and handle adverse reactions. I now see this is not work for rookies! Thanks for making me see this even though I did not want to spend my valuable time on what I previously felt was mundane work.

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