Presentation: The Cluster Approach

Over the last four weeks I gave three lectures during Fordham University’s “International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance”. One was on the Cluster approach, one on the use of social media in emergencies and one was a case study looking at the international response to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

This is the presentation on the Cluster Approach.

In case you are wondering why there is no discussion of the overall humanitarian reform process: someone else talked about that for an hour before my part.

  • Dr. Naeem Al-Gasseer

    thank you Timo for sharing your presentation. Reminded me on my role as Cluster Coordiantor for Health and Nutrition for Iraq between 2003 to 2008. challenges I see still exist. However, improvements have happened. naeem

    • Thanks. Glad you liked it. For me the biggest problem is still resources. The Cluster has to be able to add value for the Cluster participants, else it's just a waste of everyone's time. But in order to add value the Cluster needs to have resources.

  • James F. Youquoi Sr.

    what is of interest for this presentation is the practicalization of and the availability of the required and needed resources for the implementation since infact all will organizations might not have the resource capacity thou having thte expertise.

  • Beris Gwynne

    Dear Timo, Would it be possible for us to have access to your presentations on social media and use of data. Can we look forward to a presentation on accountability issues? I find myself at the interface between humanitarian accountability and 'other' accountability regimes, working with relevant IASC Task Forces that have decided to extend their remit from 'emergency assistance' to development and with the International NGO Charter of Accountability Company that has been trying for some time now to reach out to humanitarian accountability partners. Beris