Tools to make your data look pretty

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Making data look good is becoming more and more important. Here are three tools that will help you turn numbers into compelling presentations. wants to make creating infographics so easy that everybody can do this. After logging in with your Twittter or Facebook-id, you can choose a template before adding elements such as quotes, charts, photos or text. is still in beta and the number of templates it offers is very small. However, I guess that will change with the opening of the store. The interface is really easy to use and makes playing around with your data (which you can enter manually or upload) a pleasure. One of the negative points is that, at the moment, you cannot save your graphics as PDFs but have to host them online through Despite these limitations, I’d recommend to keep an eye on this service.
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This Swiss website is a collection of 39 data visualization tools. Don’t get too excited, though! Almost all of the listed tools require specialized technical skills. Your GIS expert or Javascript programmer will love it, though.




I had already mentioned Diagrammer a few weeks ago, but figured it would fit well into this short list. Diagrammer is a small online shop that sells diagrams and shapes for presentations. The shop is run by Nancy Duarte’s company who is the author of the highly recommended “Slide:ology” Each file in the Diagrammer shop costs 99 cents.



Update: Beth Kanther just published a post called “Data visualization techniques for those who can’t draw“. It focuses on face to face presentations and includes a couple of very well made slides by Liz Burrow about how to structure your thought process in order to come up with a good, visual presentation.

Do you have other online tools that you like to use to create infographics or visualize data? Please add them in the comments section below.

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