YouTube launches Human Rights channel

YouTube Human Rights Channel

The new YouTube Human Rights Channel

YouTube has just launched a new human rights channel aimed at providing users with a central hub for current human rights stories. The channel is managed jointly by and Storyful.

From the YouTube press release:

“The channel, [will] feature content from a slate of human rights organizations already sharing their work on YouTube, aims to shed light on and contextualize under-reported stories, to record otherwise undocumented abuses, and to amplify previously unheard voices.”

For example today, the channel features a video that UNSMIS (United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria) took after entering Houla. In addition there is a playlist with 11 videos showing international reactions to the killing of civilians in the town. is a non-profit organization that focuses mainly on providing human rights activists with tools, ideas and training on how to use video to document human rights abuses. Storyful‘s role will be mainly related to sourcing and verifying videos.

If you have videos that you would like to point out to the curators of the human right’s channel: the hashtag is #videos4change.

Correction: In an earlier version of this blog post I had written that “Storify” (not Storyful) is one of the partners. That is not correct and has since then been corrected.

  • ronak

    Human rights has become an active campaign world wide. But when a social media site like youtube starts it then it becomes more easily accessible to people.

  • Mike

    Technology could help promote human rights. For example, today we have at hand the proof of our Rights in the book “Scientific Proof of Our Unalienable Rights” by Michael T. Takac. Reading this book is a step to advance human Rights and technology is the delivery platform.