Posts worth reading: from social media ROI to digital storytelling

Like many other consultants, I spend a lot of time reading articles and blog posts from around the web. Here are some posts I found particularly interesting. This time about: social media monitoring, digital story telling, better powerpoint presentations and social media budgets.

Showing a concrete return of investment is one of the most difficult things for non-profits involved in social media (unless you focus on fundraising only).  And while there are numerous tools that promise to help you measure and visualize their impact, I find frequently find them either too simplistic or overwhelming. One of the most sophisticated tools to measure social media impact is “Radian6”, which is used by a number of UN agencies. UNICEF has just published the results of their social media monitoring for their annual flagship report. I find the post interesting because all NGOs struggle with how to promote reports, which are often rather dry, online.

If, after reading the UNICEF post, you suddenly decide to spend some money on social media monitoring, you might want to take a look at Socialbrite’s list of paid services. While not free, their recommendations are quite affordable. Personally I’m using Hootsuite which is fine for basic monitoring, but nowhere near as sophisticated as Radian 6.  It really depends on what you need and whether you are willing to spend a few dollars or a few thousand dollars.

Slide:ology“ by Nancy Duarte is hands down the best book on powerpoint presentations I have ever read. Her design company has now started an online shop for those of us who are creatively challenged but need a good looking diagram for a presentation. The shop currently contains  4,000 diagrams and cost only 99 cents each.  And while I haven’t bought anything from them yet, I’m sure to give it a try next time I’m asked to explain something mindboggling.

How much do you need to pay someone to write a Social Media Strategy? How much for the monthly management of your Facebook page?  Mack Collier has published average social media consultancy rates since 2010 and just released the 2012 figures. The post is rather long, so make sure you scroll down to the actual rates.

Digital storytelling seems to be the non-profit buzzword for social media in 2012. Alex Noble is giving some good advice on how to get started. While some of his tips are very basic, overall I found the blog post very helpful and down to earth. His recommendation to consider a series of still images, rather than video clips, for example are probably more realistic for NGOs with very limited resources. I also like his free and low-cost software recommendations.