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How Artificial Intelligence Can Support Disaster Response

When the crowd gets overwhelmed - send in the machines!

Online Course: Technology for Disaster Response

Next online training starts on 22 June.

Links I Liked: Content Creation and Social Media Marketing

In focus: content creation and marketing.

The transformative and disruptive power of social media in disaster response

How is social media changing disaster response? The presentation explores how

International Conference on Social Media for Good

Let's meet in Istanbul!

How ICT is Helping Nepalis Around the World Respond to the Earthquake

A personal account of the role of technology in the Nepal

Book Review: Digital Humanitarians

A comprehensive overview of how technology is changing disaster response.

Link List: Social Media, ICT and the Nepal Earthquake

The earthquake in Nepal is showing how ICT and social media

How Facebook helped restore family links after the Nepal earthquake

Social media can quickly reduce anxiety by connecting friends and loved